Welcome to the illustration portfolio.

We can produce images in a variety of styles, including both digital and traditional illustration.
With our experience, we are well versed and knowledgeable about all aspects of illustration and imaging requirements.

traditional and vector Illustrations by Vladimir Mirkovic

leather bags - color pencil

leather bags, illustrations

leather bag
 - color pencil


business bag, illustration

cowboy boots - color pencil



cowboy boots - illustrations


old leatherworking tools


Old leatherworking tools

leather belts -
 color pencil


color pencil illustrations

leather jacket - color pencil


color pencil illustration

- color pencil with few corrections in photoshop


color pencil illustration


SoupGraphix - San Diego, California
illustrations for Mattel, Hot Wheels ... and lots of fun


Hot Wheels cars - vector illustration


Hot Wheels cars - vector illustration


Hot Wheels - vector illustrations

Turbo Racer - vector illustrations



digital illustrations, combinations of vector and photoshop 


digital illustration